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Flow Sketchbook (Flow Magazine / Sanoma Media NL, 2016). Bodil Jane illustrated one drawing lesson for the drawing book. 

Language: English and Dutch (bilingual)
Format: Softcover
Size: 227w x 279h mm
Pages: 120

"This Sketchbook is filled with step-by-step drawing lessons from Flow illustrators. A pretty plant, your grandmother’s teacup, a retro lamp: these are just a few of the 23 How-To’s that you’ll find inside. Additionally, we asked our illustrators for tips and tricks, and what materials they love using most. They also give some mini-masterclasses on, for example, drawing pretty borders, making sketches, and the best way to get beautiful sharp colors on your paper. It’s a book chock-full of lessons in the art of drawing, from  illustrators such as Deborah van der Schaaf, Kate Pugsley, Katrin Coetzer, Flora Waycott, Danielle Kroll, Bodil Jane, Floor Rieder and many more."
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